France attack: Man shot by police after 'decapitation' in Paris suburbs

had to read this five times because it was literally shocking. the situation in france is honestly unsustainable and i say that as a muslim. when macron made his speech on radical islamism, there was a lot of uproar but why were people (muslims) surprised. france has a massive problem with this and some people are completely disinterested in integrating. there are muslims with absolutely no idea of what france is like, so when they (i'm assuming mainly illegally...?) settle in the country they are surprised when it isn't run like sudan or pakistan lol. anyone would know that france has laicite, that freedom of expression is a right there, and yes the cartoons are distasteful and offensive but that gives nobody the right to literally kill someone else. it's so stupid.

i notice germany has a similar problem. i'm from the UK and of course things are not perfect and we have fewer asylum seekers but it's not as bad over here because the muslim community has by and large integrated. keeping in mind, the majority of muslims in the uk are not from the middle east, they're from south asia and migrated during the inter-war years or after ww2. i don't know if it's the same for other european countries or if this migration spiked over the last 3 or so decades.

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