France wants imams to learn secular values as part of new anti-radicalisation push: the French government will push imams to take university-level civics classes.

Perhaps I can offer some unique insight. I think a parallel can be drawn to the Catholic Church, doesn't the pope himself have 2 stem degrees?

The level of education has nothing to do with ones beliefs. If that was the case everybody graduation from Oxbridge and Ivy Leagues would be liberals and being conservative would t cross anybody's mind.

There are Muslim doctors that don't believe in evolution in turkey for example, one of the more secular Muslim countries so I can only imagine how bad the situation is in Saudi Arabia. There are again Muslim intellectuals who don't condone the burning of abortion clinics or extremists attacks such as Charlie hebo, they consider it as cause and effect, if you poke a bear, you can't really blame the bear if it attacks right? And yes these people have read Dostoyevsky and Schopenhauer and Kant and Hemingway and Chomsky and Nietzsche and Wittgenstein.

They are educated, some even educated in ivy leagues, but that doesn't change their mindset. You would think that it would but it doesn't, some of the leaders in Muslim countries are educated in Europe yet it doesn't stop them from being despicable human beings once they return to their country.

You can't fight their moral values and ideology with education. If you could, turkey wouldn't have had 2 coup d'etats overthrowing conservative governments to stop the country from going backwards, because it didn't work at the end, look at turkey now, and turkey for the latter part of the century had an extremely secular education, trying to instil European values into the Turkish society, yet now, ataturk is hated and the ottoman period is romanticised.

You need to fundamentally chance the society from the very ground up for any permanent change. For that you need enlightenment and sadly enlightenment seems like it cannot be imported. It also cannot be forced on a society, they need to have their own philosophers, poets, artists,gradually building these values themselves.

There are a billion Muslims around the world and no significant portion condones Islamist extremism you know why? Because they're indifferent, they wouldn't participate themselves but they think that the west deserves what's coming to them for the things they have done the Muslim world, be it keeping the Middle East from developing or fiddling with their economies or supporting tyrannical regimes.

"President Eisenhower, in an internal discussion, observed to his staff, and I'm quoting now, "There's a campaign of hatred against us in the Middle East, not by governments, but by the people." The National Security Council discussed that question and said, "Yes, and the reason is, there's a perception in that region that the United States supports status quo governments, which prevent democracy and development and that we do it because of our interests in Middle East oil. Furthermore, it's difficult to counter that perception because it's correct."

This is one of the reasons why western values are so heavily rejected by Muslim countries. They think that the west has no leg to stand on, no moral superiority.

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