[Frank Seravalli] 2022 Hart Trophy finalists, as voted by ThePHWA: Auston Matthews (TOR), Connor McDavid (EDM) and Igor Shesterkin (NYR).

My case for Huberdeau:

  • his team won the president's trophy
  • he has a 27 point gap! between him and the next guy on his team (Miller is the only one with more on Vancouver, but he had 99 points, not 115) (Other notables in point gap are Kaprizov, Stamkos, and Connor, which tells you how good they are).
  • he still finished tied for 2nd in art ross despite the 27 point gap between him and #2 (emphasizes that he was driving the offense rather than having help)

cases against Matthews: he's playing with a top 3 playmaker in the league. 60 goals is hard to get? Easier this year... offense is up. We're going to see it more often if it keeps going like this, and not just from Matthews.

Case against Shesterkin: didn't even put up 40 wins, only had 6 shutouts, 3 behind Markstrom. Sv% is an overrated stat.

Case against McDavid: ... I got nuthin... he should win the Hart Trophy

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