Franken: ‘Constitutional crisis’ if Trump uses recess appointment to replace Sessions with someone who’ll fire Mueller

I am well aware of the same people who elected Trump being dumb and finicky enough you think a black president is going to fully outlaw guns and thus buy every single one they could afford.

I am not saying "dey r Guna take my gunz" people don't exist. Plenty of them do. An absurd amount of them do. But I am saying that just because they exist doesn't mean that liberal states aren't actually trying to make it virtually impossible to own guns. Yea they aren't confiscating them (well except for the attempted mag grab), but they are trying to regulate them out of existence. There is a middle ground, the govt isn't going to in the middle of the night search and seize every gun, but at the same time it's ignorant to pretend liberal states don't have a hard on for trying to regulate them out of existence.

I agree on laws/restrictions based on science. Which is why things like CT ban are ridiculous, ok so I can have 1 of: pistol grip, detachable mag, threaded barrel, bayonet lug, or else my gun is illegal. The only thing that actually makes that gun more deadly is the detachable mag, everything else is just trying to make owning an AR impossible without just banning an AR.

As for the militia thing, I believe it's because the militia part is given as an example not a requirement. "A regulated car, required for the right of the people to safely travel, the right of the people to own seatbelts and air bags shall not be infringed."

So according to the SC, the militia is just an example, not a condition. With that in mind, their decision makes sense. That being said I'm not sure they read it right, but I sure hope they know their grammar/had someone else who did inform them properly.

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