Fraternal Association of Gambling Gentlemen and Yacht Degenerates for June 25, 2021

I went my version of "all-in" with $6,000 worth of AMC call options that expired in 3 days last week and lost half of it. I am retarded enough to be a member of your club, trust me. I'm new to investing but have rock hard balls and a brain to match. The doctor says one of the three is because I have a medical condition but he probably has all his money invested in SPY because he's a stupid pussy. I don't buy stocks because I don't sit down to pee and options are the way, even for people that have been "investing" for just over a month. Covered calls? Cash secured puts? Fuck that. Give me that call option that expires in a week with a strike price that's double the current share price. Vote for Pedro.

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