Fraud fraud

I totally agree with you. Hindsight and a notary would have made this situation a lot more simple. The problem isn’t about the legality of the kink. It’s my Verizon Wireless and Paypal accounts put into negative balances and then being shutdown due to chargebacks that he instigated by telling his card issuer or financial institution that they were fraudulent, unauthorized charges. You can see in any user agreements etc that unauthorized fraud claims to the FDIC are defined as not knowing the person or having shared anything with them. To me these charges were my payment for my hours to days spent messaging or spending time with individual. Part of me is worried in a criminal way. Not that he’ll file a criminal complaint but the state or government will make a case. The other part of me wants to take him to small claims for the detrimental reliance of those bills being paid and promised to be paid and then taken away.

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