I was fraudulently registered to vote. Might get deported. HELP.

My apps went through LA county. For my PR renewal, it took two weeks. I applied for naturalization after that so i wouldn't have to renew my PR card ever again. I figured it wouldn't take long because of how quickly I had just been processed.

The processing time was 16 months at the time, and at the 16th month I had to start contacting them trying to figure out what was the hold up. Turns out that they hadn't received "the [my] file" from the clearinghouse in another state (why is the file not electronic?!). I reached out once again, and the same thing happened. I was about to contact them again the following weekday (it had been 2 yrs, 2 mo at this point), but my appointment arrived that Saturday.

My PR renewal: 2 weeks My Citizenship: 2yrs, 4 months (1 year longer than anticipated)

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