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/r/atheism is the other way. They'd love to have you.

I know I shouldn't really bother with this but takes like this represent a piss-poor understanding of theology in not just Christianity but in any given religion. To be completely sure that there is no deity whatsoever, even one known to humankind, requires a leap too. Maybe not as big as being into, I don't know, Christianity or whatever, but it requires a leap.

For example, there is no way to know that a God that santicifes suffering, creates suffering, or enjoys suffering doesn't exist, as that would explain all the suffering in the world. Or, there's no way to be sure that God does exist, but does not interact with humanity. There are an infinite number of beliefs that all have logical backing to them, and to write them off is silly.

And even if you are an atheist, to write of religions like Christianity that have influenced the West to unfathomable levels - especially when scholarly resources, both atheistic and Christian, exist and are very accessible to the general public on /r/AcademicBiblical and /r/AskBibleScholars - is especially silly. At the very least, the culture from which it came is worth studying, as well as the influences on Genesis (ex. Enuma Elish) and other things - which is why atheist scholars exist.

Oh shit. I mean there is no fairy man in the sky, this, that, and the first.

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