Freddie Gray Protests Thread

I'm not playing your word games, man.. Examples below:

Furthermore, I did not claim the Drug War was not unique to African Americans. Violent crime statistics are what I'm talking about and that is what the survey addresses.

Most black violent crimes are a RESULT of drugs!!!!! blacks are killing & fighting each other over drugs to keep whites high!!! So yes, the drug war DEF ties into those statistics!!

Furthermore, black criminality is ubiquitous the world over.

Does not mean:

I simply said that African immigrant populations in Europe and Asia have higher rates of crime compared to the indigenous populations.

dude, you didn't even initially delve into're just speaking in generalizations and expecting me to read your mind..

You're saying that the White-Supremacist America at some point decided "We're not going to oppress Asians anymore only blacks." That seems quite silly to me, seeing as how they are on average more economically successful than whites in a predominantly white country.

Please quote me where I said anything about "white supremacy" or "black oppression"....

And as I said before, Asians SEGREGATE themselves from outsiders. They have a stronger sense of community. Asians look down on marrying outsiders, going to non-Asian owned businesses, they're very traditional. Comparing blacks to Asians is literally comparing apples to oranges. It's actually hysterical when bigots like you try to use that example..

Your tone strikes me as condescending and snarky. I feel I have been rather cordial. Your name calling only serves to reinforce what I already know. That is, your position is indefensible and ideologically driven.

Really? Go back and read your initial response. You outright LIED & told half truths, and you expect for me to take you seriously??? Than you say this:

Your emotions are what dictates what you believe. It comes through clearly in your post.

Absolutely not. But if I offended you, I sincerely apologize. I've been getting quite a few nasty comments, and I return them in the same way. Truly sorry if I caught you up in the crossfire. I'll admit if I'm being a dick.

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