Free Bird would be 30 minutes long

While those are great albums Roger Waters is a huge dick. He left Pink Floyd and took the band to court to try and stop them from using the name "Pink Floyd" because he felt like he was the embodiment of what Pink Floyd was which was just untrue, he was just a part of it along with the rest of the band and especially David Gilmour. He has since said that he was wrong in doing that but he still consistently says really dickish shit and has a huge superiority complex even if his politics are okay. I also don't see how you can label all classic rock bands as racists. Classic rock bands especially from the 60s were a huge part of fighting against social injustices that were happening at the time and spoke a lot about social issues. Sure there were some exceptions like Lynrd Skynrd and Eric Clapton who were racist (especially Eric Clapton,) but you also had bands/artists like Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, Yes, CAN, Santana, Arlo Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Donovan, who were very unproblematic. Some of these artists werent political but were all about treating everyone equally and living in harmony (Santana especially imo though the Grateful Dead fanbase is a great example of this.) Some of them (especially Bob Dylan) also wrote incredibly socially aware music, often talking about racial issues such as the murder of Emmett Till. I guess I just find it odd to say classic rock is all racist because the majority of it just, isn't.

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