Free Ginuwine

IMO the real problem here is usually bad journalism. I'm the type of dude who gets called an SJW pretty regularly, most of my friends are the same, and I don't know anyone who would have a problem with somebody rejecting sexual attention from some rando. Having not looked into it at all I 100% guarantee you that there's no real controversy. at most it was like a small handful of fringe crazies on Twitter, and the journalist knows they can get clicks by saying "people are furious at Ginuwine!" It's the same with things like Starbucks cups on the flipside. one nutty churchlady in Arkansas tweets about them and someone makes an article like "Conservatives are getting angry about ____!" The implication is that tons of people feel this way but I've found if it seems like a ridiculous thing to get upset about it's usually drastically overblown.

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