'Free Hong Kong' chants get fans kicked out of NBA game

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Business Hall of Bootlickers

• ⁠Activision Blizzard: banned player for supporting HK democracy protest. Confiscated all his winnings. Fired his interviewers. Apologized to China: condemned incident, swore to defend China's national dignity • ⁠Apple: censor Taiwan flag emoji in iOS in HK • ⁠Apple: banned HK protest map from App Store. Approved app after backlash. Banned app once again after China hissy fit • ⁠Apple: removed from China App Store news app that covered HK protest • ⁠Vans: censor pro-HK democracy design in its shoe design competition • ⁠NBA (partial entry): rebuked Rockets manager for his pro-HK tweet, saying NBA was "extremely disappointed with Morey's inappropriate comment." Backpedalled after backlash, now saying they support Morey's freedom of speech. • ⁠Disney / ESPN: forbid mention of Chinese politics when discussing Rockets manager's HK tweet • ⁠Viacom / Paramount: censor Taiwan flag from the jacket worn by Tom Cruise in new "Top Gun" movie • ⁠Disney / Marvel: censored Tibetan monk from "Doctor Strange" & turned him into white woman. Movie screenwriter: "if you acknowledge that Tibet is a place & that he’s Tibetan, you risk alienating one billion people who think that that’s bullshit". • ⁠ASICS, Calvin Klein, Coach, Fresh, Givenchy, Pocari Sweat, Valentino, Versace, Swarovski: details here • ⁠Marriott: apologized & changed "Taiwan" to "Taiwan, China" after China threw a hissy fit • ⁠Nike: removed Houston Rockets products from China webstore • ⁠Activision Blizzard: cut livestream when American U team held up pro-HK sign. • ⁠Apple: handed over iCloud data & encryption keys to China • ⁠Cathay Pacific: fired employees for FB posts supporting HK protests. • ⁠Apple: minimized the seriousness of iOS exploits that enabled China to track Uyghurs, when 1M+ of them are rounded up by China in concentration camps • ⁠Google: censored pro-HK game "The Revolution of Our Times" from Google Play because it was about a "sensitive event". • ⁠Gap: apologized for selling T-shirts IN CANADA that didn't include Taiwan as part of China • ⁠Tiffany: removed tweet showing model covering 1 eye after China accused it of supporting HK • ⁠Marriott: fired employee who liked tweet from Tibetan group • ⁠Mercedes: apologized for quoting Dalai Lama on Instagram • ⁠American, Delta, United: deleted mention of Taiwan as a country from websites • ⁠Audi: apologized for using "incorrect" map of China that left off Taiwan • ⁠Muji: destroyed store catalogs that contain "incorrect" map of China • ⁠Zara: apologized for listing Taiwan as country • ⁠Medtronic: apologized for publishing "illegal content" that listed "Republic of China (Taiwan)" as country • ⁠Ray-Ban: changed "Taiwan" & "Hongkong" to "China Taiwan" & "China Hongkong" • ⁠Qantas, Air France, Air Canada, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Japan Airlines, ANA: changed "Taiwan" to "Taiwan China" • ⁠TikTok: censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence, Falun Gong • ⁠Sheraton: banned Taiwan National Day event under China pressure • ⁠Disney: removed non-white characters from Chinese poster of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” • ⁠Philly Sixers: ejected fans for supporting HK • ⁠Princeton: don't talk about 3 Ts: Tibet, Tiananmen, Taiwan • ⁠Leica: released ad on Tiananmen protest. Apologized & distanced itself from ad • ⁠Reddit: took $150M from Tencent. Removed thread like this • ⁠Rockhampton, Queensland: censored Taiwan flag in student project • ⁠Cisco: helped build Great Firewall including module to persecute Falun Gong • ⁠MGM: changed Red Dawn's villain from China to N Korea to placate China • ⁠Global Blue: fired staff for calling Taiwan a country • ⁠L'Oréal / Lancôme: canceled HK artist concert for her pro-democracy activism • ⁠US universities: self-censor in fear of offending China • ⁠Disney: block Winnie the Pooh website in HK

After decades of opening up Western market to China while turning a blind eye to rampant Chinese IP thefts, forced tech transfers, & protectionism, we are looking at widespread control of Western firms by China. Firms that are not under outright Chinese control still kowtow to China out of fear of China's retaliation.

This is a very incomplete list of what we're seeing publicly. Imagine how bad it is behind closed doors.

Business Hall of Backbones

• ⁠Matt Stone & Trey Parker: South Park "Band in China" • ⁠Ubisoft: listened to fans, said no to China after initially saying they would tone down game content to be China-compliant. • ⁠Prague: cancel partnership with Beijing over 1-China principle • ⁠Immutable: offer to repay banned gamer's winnings that was confiscated by Blizzard, got cyber attacked as a result

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