Free hugs :D

I’ve been in a very bad spot before in my life I nearly got expelled from school and the cops almost got involved and I felt suicidal.I don’t stop thinking about it everyday of my life the constant reminder always coming back to my head forcing me to remember what I’ve done.I was never good at sports never good at anything really.I was only able to draw not really a skill many would be impressed with.I’m a big guy 6ft but I’m super emotional I can’t yell without the feeling to cry people always called me weak and girlish for showing emotions I decided to be someone else but that wouldn’t work it only made me feel worse and I would talk myself down in my head anytime I failed at something or wasn’t good at.I decided last year I would just expect myself I’m a tall, emotional, softie which I am proud of I still suck at everything but I’m not going to let others decided that’s how they will define me as a person and I’m sure as hell not going to do it to you please don’t talk yourself down you bad at something expect and others will to.

Many of the things I said in this are probably none of concern you but since we’re on the topic of talking down about ourselves I decided to share my story at least with you your the only person I’m telling this to and maybe the people who are scrolling down and see this (hi) and it has just made me happier

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