free parking nostalgia

Parking has become more than an on-campus issue, and now cannot be resolved by a simple "give up your car and take public transport."

This is a deeper, bigger issue than "you need to live closer to campus so you can just bus, bike, or walk it." I see bikes double locked, reported stolen, or otherwise inaccessible to students unable to handle riding in such a bike-unfriendly campus layout. I see packed buses passing by students with ridiculous frequency. For students coming in by car from Mira Mesa or further out, overflow into the surrounding neighborhoods is a real issue. The street by my SO's place and by mine is packed by 9 AM. Many students already take the option of driving in very early and parking off campus, so that's also not a legitimate fix.

Not all students can afford to live close to campus, nor give up their car, and your suggestion to those who cannot is a slap in the face to students who already struggle to make ends meet.

Your suggestion is a crackpot, stopgap fix, and you're about as out of touch as the rest of the administration handling this situation. I suggest you quit commenting on this subreddit with your delusional fixes and excuses.

You are defending the morally indefensible: an entire administration has no sympathy at all to the plight of students who have legitimate concerns and frustrations with the current state of parking and public transportation in the area. You may rationalize it all you want, but it doesn't mean that students should resign themselves to it. This most recent decision has just shown that the administration has heard our opinions, and simply does not care. That is not going to sit well with any sane, reasonable person.

Your suggestion is almost on par with the stupidity of the suggestion I saw once of "get a motorcycle and learn to ride it; now you'll have unlimited parking, you lazy assholes, quit whining." Nothing you suggest so far has been even remotely close to a legitimate fix; it's just been more and more excuses for a real issue that you see as simply as students whining. You clearly have no stock in this, so I am not sympathetic to your clumsy attempts at pinning this on the students.

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