Free shirt? IDK.

I would live to go on about how great our local dealers AR in my area, but it's gonna come off as self agrandization.

Long story short, I managed to fall in to a pretty good situation regarding a 2A community completely on accident.

I moved here because of the near non existent crime, the property I values and cost of living, and the fact that the police deploy to help people. They don't revenue here. They are actually trying to help folks and if God forbid you have to defend yourself or your family, you aren't going to have to go bankrupt paying an attorney, the courts actually appear to give homeowners in town a break regarding self defense or defense of family members, especially against known domestic abusers, child molesters or predators of minors, and anyone caught on camera committing a robbery.

Anyhow, its last call for me, sorry for the novel. Cheers.

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