Free Talk Friday

I thought it was funny. No one understands the club's problems. They see we conceded four to Norwich or tied with Sunderland and think, "DAE LFC WANK SQUAD XD?"

Yup. Our squad is total wank and it has nothing to do with us having to play six midfield players, right?!?! Lallana is out of position. Firmino is out of position. Milner is out of position (although he always played better out wide, but he came here to play centrally). Henderson is the only true midfielder, but he only provides forward passes from deeper within our side of the pitch. Can and Lucas are natural DMs and their best qualities are recovering the ball and moving it to a playmaker.

So, if you've chalked it up, that means we have no one on the field who is used to making runs behind the defense and it shows. Lallana and Firmino have both found ways to get open, so there's an improvement on that end.

But when you have six midfielders who are used to waiting for someone to make a run, do people really think we're going to win or score dozens of goals?

And the people who say our squad is shit/wank even when the squad is fully fit? Piss off with that. Sturridge and Origi came on and showed how a front three of strikers can raise the moral of the rest of the team.

Yes, we have our bad games. Every team has a bad game and that's all right. But it's the "neutrals" and rivals who don't watch our games that don't get why we're struggling.

I could go on and on, but I'll spare you all. It's just irritating to see people talk about this squad like there is no hope. Look at City - two key players (Kompany and Aguero) out and they look completely lost even with a decent striker up top. Most of our squad hasn't been match fit for extended periods of time. I don't get how people can rationalize other team's woes and then blatantly ignore ours.

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