Free Talk Fridays - Week of December 15, 2017

My boundaries are that I don't drink alone, I don't drive drunk, I don't drink hard liquor before the evening, I don't drink more than two beers with a meal, and I don't drink until I'm done with all of my responsibilities for the day. I have yet to push any of those boundaries.

However, I can still drink a lot within those boundaries, especially since classes ended for the semester for me on Thursday and I've been hanging out with friends a bunch since then. I do plenty of stuff sober with friends too, but get drunk together and shoot the shit/watch anime/watch western media/play boardgames is firmly in our regular activity rotation.

I'm only making this post because I have a lot of bad memories of growing up with an alcoholic father and I don't want to go down that route and I was wondering if anyone here had a better grasp on where the line between not problematic and problematic drinking is.

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