Free will in Islamic doctrine cannot be reconciled according to characteristics of Allah

well u say if he knew something like that would happen why would he created us just to go to hell.

Not everyone goes to hell. Well if you think about it’s not that difficult to figure out the purpose of hell. One of the possibilities is to how rest of creation what is evil(dweller of hell). God could have thought of other ways, but considering His omniscient this might been the best way to do it. Demonstrable evidence good(dwellers of heaven)/evil(dwellers of hell) that no creation can deny. There could be other purposes of hell that human could not conceive off.

He gave u the chance to live to choose what u want to be now you are responsible for what will happen to u.

Yep He did. Human volunteered to come to earth. Those on earth will not remember until judgment day. Those on earth agree to the terms of the test.

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