Roblox games are generally not pay to win ... Sure a few games here and there might make their games incredibly pay to win just don't play them

Actually, the majority of front page games are pay-to-win nowadays. Like, a lot of freaking roblox games make you buy DLC and such for certain things. Have you not seen all the pay-to-win games that have been on the front page recently? I don't even need to explain this, it's just the truth, roblox is full of pay-to-win games.

If you want the other features like trading and making money then you have to pay it is totally fair.

The removal of personal servers has given users less of a reason to buy BC (and it's also caused some NBC users to have even less to do and have since NBC users were able to keep their personal servers even after losing their BC as long as they didn't edit their personal servers). The removal of tickets has further shown how greedy roblox is and it's made roblox even less "free" (in terms of the things you can do without paying - and not everyone wants to pay, not everyone can pay at all either in some cases). The removal of the ability for NBCers to allow users to buy their t-shirts, shirts, and pants for free, and also for NBCers to upload shirts and pants, all of which ended up happening soon before the release of the "IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" advertisement/trailer, caused NBCers to have even less abilities. Sure, it makes sense to pay for other features, but if a user doesn't want to spend their money on roblox, each year they lose more and more featues and that's simply inconvenient for them, plus it shows how much roblox wants (and loves, i guess) money.

So many games nowadays have so much DLC, and often the games are pay-to-win making it almost-necessary to completely-necessary, depending on the game, to buy the gamepasses and such. Quite a few games (mainly alpha/beta games) require you to pay money before you can play them. You need BC to create groups, even if you have enough robux to normally create them. You need to pay 15 or 25 robux or whatever (each) to create group roles, so even if users already own groups from when they had BC they most likely won't be able to create any new roles if they have no robux. You see? There's so much shit that NBCers can't do, and each year NBCers have to lose at least one feature due to roblox's greed. All in all, roblox may be free, but there's so damn much stuff that you need to pay for if you want access to.

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