Freestyling idea to meet the high net worth individuals

I used to go to a few conferences a year, and was on a panel for a few of them. Networking panels too for my industry. I always enjoyed them. Never hooked up with any women at these events but saw it. Lots of people wanting to work with me and some job offers (declined these). But yeah this is possible, I didn't think of this at all. Some of them were like beltway bandit small business matchmaking / speed dating type things, and for the fee you could enter your business and get access to larger beltway bandit businesses and people in my field etc... so maybe if an aspiring spitfire of a woman paid for the fee, made up a business (and duns number and all of that, so some work is involved) theoretically they could access these events, network, and see about meeting a guy. Ballsy and risky as hell, and a little unethical, but... maybe.

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