[French article] Yellowstar : "Fnatic offered a better salary than TSM"

Well in s3, there's no arguing that Peke was a monster at worlds. Probably the second best mid laner at the tournament.

In s4, he actually did the second most damage per minute of all mid laners, despite only going 2/4 in the group stages, doing only slightly less damage per minute than even Uzi. The highest damage per minute by a mere 10, was Pawn, who was contributing 27.5% of his team's damage. Meanwhile Peke was doing a whopping 33.3%. Peke had a +5.5 cs @ 10 even though he'd be down 132 gold. Essentially, Fnatic was getting shit on and Peke was 1v9ing. They had no idea how to divide resources, and Soaz would come out behind in every lane swap, so Rekkles could get ahead and do nothing with his lead. I would go so far as to say he was the second best mid laner at the tournament behind Pawn. Once again no one really comes to mind who out performed him aside from Pawn, and compare Pawn's stats with an 88% win rate to Peke's with a 33% win rate.

In s5, there was actually competition as far as mid lane talent and Peke still performed really well, even though unlike the previous seasons, the team didn't play around him at all. While he wasn't completely mechanically outplaying people like the previous seasons, if you actually look at the way he team fights on champions like Anivia and Orianna, he's actually throwing out extremely clutch skill shots/stuns. Almost every Anivia game he played barring those against SKT, he was doing some serious work.

The reddit circlejerk has always been that Peke is a super over-rated player or whatever, but til now, there has never been a Western player who has showed up more consistently at international tournaments than he has, except maybe Yellowstar. It's only with the advent of Febiven and Niels that Peke can even begin to be challenged for the best international western player.

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