French National Assembly breaks out into spontaneous rendition of "La Marseillaise" for the first time since France's liberation after WWI on November 11th, 1918

Yeah, I do. Its strange... Like, every two years I go to the poll station, leave a ballot, and then a guy goes to Washington and legislates. He might not vote like I would, or pass the laws I would, but I voted for him because he promised to vote along similar lines to what I would, he somehow demonstrated similar values to what I have, and if he doesn't please me I'll vote for someone else next time. I don't expect him to hold my views in mind 100% of the time because he is a Representative, not only of my views but of everyone who voted for him and everyone who didn't.

Now, I get the feeling that isn't what you were getting at. I suspect you have an understanding of what a Republic is and ought to be. I think you're awfully pessimistic and were alluding to a deeply held belief, perhaps a suspicion, that the American Republic is broken or has been co-opted. While to some degree I agree with you, I have to remind you that in many ways the system works as it always has. Recent events like Citizens United are ugly and need to be repealed post-haste, but there I go again believing that there are people who act in the interest of us all. Yes, there are shills in Congress who exist to collect payouts from Comcast and Raytheon and Haliburton. I'll concede that. There are also people like Elizabeth Warren who have made a name combating corporate corruption and financial infidelity or people like Ted Stevens who constantly fought for Federal Money for his home-state that direly needed it for infrastructure improvements and social welfare.

Its my belief that the vast majority of Congress are people like you and I. They are not exceptionally power-hungry, corrupt, or deceitful by nature. Some are but they are power players looking for the benefits that come with the top spots (Committee Chairs, House and Senate leadership, future political advancement). I believe that many are fairly moderate in their views and stances and if left to their own devices could find common ground in many areas with people across the aisle but are forced to fundamentalism in their platform (during election season and in the job) by an electorate that is increasingly bi-polar and unreasonable. I believe that sensational journalism, driven by the 24hr news media, opinionated yellow journalism driven by ad revenue, and unfettered access to less-than-reputable sources of information (leading to confirmation bias) lead the electorate (that's you and I) to being easily misled, misinformed, or blinded from the real issues at hand.

Is the system broken? No. Does it need work? Absolutely.

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