French President Emmanuel Macron Offers Refuge to American Climate Scientists

I've gone back to school and am also actively learning three languages: french, Dutch and Spanish. When sometime asked me why, I was truthful - so that I'll have a better shot at being eligible to emigrate into a European country if shit goes too far south in the US.

She acted like I was crazy and said that's ridiculous, but I don't think it is. A lot of countries will only let you stay if you have something to offer, and I want to offer as much as possible.

I live in the bible belt and the stuff I see and hear everyday scares the shit out of me. People who not only reject modern education but actively fight against it in favor of their religion. People who post on Facebook about how they're pouring oil in their lawns and letting their truck idle for hours and about how all the 'libs' will cry over their lettuce about it.

Cops are awful, and the number of bad experiences I've have increased. They act like a militia and our laws are skewed in their favor.

The job market is shite - yeah there are jobs, but you can barely afford to live on your own with them, let alone save up for a house or start a family. I pay $250 a month for the shittiest of Healthcare. I've had a major cavity for years and I ignore it because I can't afford the $3000 bill that comes with everything that needs done now.

The current president is terrifying, acting like a dictator in the making, and all these people around me don't care because their team won and so any concerns must just be crying Becker hillary didn't get in and blah, blah.

The ignorance astounds me. Girls at my parents church have fucking whooping cough because no one vaccinated their kids. Most of them homeschool to avoid the 'evil liberal brainwashing centers' known as public school, but I watch them and they don't teach their kids shit. They give them bibles and books like 'How to Argue with an Athiest' and that's it.

So yeah, I'm sure as hell going to become the healthiest, most accomplished person I can so I can get out of here if I have to. Of these people want an ignorant, polluting, disease riddled hellhole where they pray to get a raise to $10 and hour and have to resort to homeopathy because they can't afford a doctor, let them have it.

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