Freshman Advice

Civil engineering has so many sub-disciplines that the answers to your questions depend on the specialization that you would like to pursue (geotechnical, structural, transportation, materials, coastal, construction, earthquake, environmental, water resources, municipal/urban, etc.). You'll discover which one you are drawn to as you begin your coursework and it will become even more clear to you towards the end of undergrad when your classes become more specialized.

I can't comment on the job market in Washington specifically, but this link provides information on the general job outlook. In terms of internships, most get one the summer before junior or senior year. If you are unable to get an internship, the next best thing would be to take part in research opportunities with faculty. It would be a good way to see if you'd be interested in pursuing grad school, but internship experience is always preferred (but not necessarily a prerequisite) in the job market.

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