Freshnuts talks for 11 minutes.

Hi, I'm from Brazil and I personally don't understand the concept of being called racist just for using the dreaded n word. Would you care to explain why saying "nigger" instantly makes me racist, unless I'm black, in which case it's perfectly fine?

Alternatively, can you show images of him being racist? I've seen images of him saying the n word, but they provided no information about the context of any of them. For me, you can't possibly assume someone's racist because they used a word that for a big part of the world is just commonly used in rap songs. Many brazilians learning english would assume that it translates to "negão", a word that can be offensive but it's more commonly used between friends or as nicknames. I assume it's similar for a big portion of the world.

I support Freshnuts, but please let me understand your point of view. If he was actually being racist, I would be very shocked.

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