Friday after Thanksgiving

I'm in the reverse "malicious compliance" boat.

Everyone in my office, (17 employees) at the facility I work at signs PTO and takes the day after Thanksgiving off every year. Everybody.

This year, my boss approached me and said, "I noticed you haven't submitted your PTO request to me yet. You better get that in."

I'm not taking PTO on Friday.

"But......but......there won't be anyone here! There will be nothing for you to do!"



"Well.....everyone takes the day after Thanksgiving off. You know, to have a long weekend."

Am I required to take it off and use my PTO? Is it mandatory company policy that I be forced to burn my accrued Personal Time Off?

" But....well.....There won't be any work for you." ...and he walked away.

Tomorrow, I will be the ONLY person in my facility (besides Security, and two IT monitors on premises for emergency computer maintenance.) in the building.

Since I will be getting paid, but there will be NO WORK available, I plan on getting some really good reading in with a nice LOOOONG lunch break.

EZ money!

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