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Friday Night
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Friday Night is a collaborative effort between Chi-Town native emcees Serengeti and Hi-Fidel with production from Breakfast Records' Grilla and Ish.

Released in late 2008, the album still managed to make it on to some critics top 10 lists for the year and has been gaining comparisons to classic albums such as Prince Paul's Prince Among Thieves, The Streets' A Grand Don't Come For Free, and Organized Konfusion's Equinox.

We begin the week as empty vessels. Each day we appear inert without, compressing within. The impulses we ignore, the words we bite off, the appetites we can't satisfy, by the time Friday comes, the pressure is too much. We are swelling at the rivets, and as our obligations vanish with the sunlight, we are finally free to run out into the darkness and throw the valve. Friday Night, we can sing her praises loud enough to be deaf to her dangers, the sound of the brakes failing drowned by the hiss in our ears.

This is when Dave and Umar meet. They'd seen each other around the office, never having a reason to say more than hello. That was before they arrived at the same bar, stood up by the same girl. First they get a round of drinks, then they get to talking. The night is young, Umar has a car, and a friend in a high-rise up the coast who's got the re-adjustment they've been looking for…

Breakfast Records, proudly presents FRIDAY NIGHT: the story of a good time gone too far, starring the lauded narrative styles of HI-FIDEL and SERENGETI with guest appearances by BLACK SPADE, NASH and MICAH JAMES of THE 87 STICK UP KIDS, TELUV and more. Read more on 1,036 listeners, 12,376 plays
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