Friday Night Drunk Thread

So a couple weekends ago I went out with some friends, one of them brought his female friend who’s definitely pushing 200lbs with some tig ol biddies to match.

We get to bar #1 and after a few drinks I start talking to, and then dancing & hooking up with a cute girl I met there. Short, nice booty, good dancer, totally my type.

After a few minutes of dancing/hooking up with cute girl, one of my friends tells me our other friend got kicked out so we’re going to a different bar. I tell this to the girl I’m dancing with but she wants to stay with her friends so I just get her # and dip.

We get to bar #2 and the fat friend won’t stop trying to grab my peen and eventually I’m so horned up from the girl from bar #1 that I give in and make out with a wildebeest.

Fast forward to tonight, 2 weeks later, and the fat girl wont stop texting me asking me to go to the bar with her. How do I let her know that she’s definitely not my type and I was just drunk/horny without being a dick?

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