Friday Rants

Rant: I’m canceling on a meet and greet later today. I’m not excited to go, don’t think we’ll get along, and aren’t looking for the same thing.

My rant is at myself for setting up a meet and greet when I was lukewarm in the first place. Plus I’m being flakey, and forgetting why I’m in the bowl at all. I was just really excited to get my first m&g outta the way.

Rave: I have a meet and greet tomorrow I am excited for. I think we’ll get along and it seems like we’re looking for the same things. Plus it’s at a really nice restaurant.

Rant 2: I have nothing to wear to the m&g and I’m definitely not going shopping, so hopefully my Frankenstein outfit will work out. Eeeek! Excited.

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