Friday song/book thread and general Friday-ness.


I've just finished reading "KHARN" from the 40K Universe written by Anthony Reynolds. AR wrote the Word Bearers trilogy some years ago and I absolutely loved them. This book however is very short (200 pages or so), blunt, to the point and completely ret-conned one of the biggest selling point of what Kharn The Betrayer was supposed to have done to earn him the title of "Betrayer". It's actually very annoying.

Rode into work listening to my "Eurphoria" playlist this morning. As work is a dickhead and doesn't let me post things from YT can Samson do the needy?

Coone - Faye

Brennan Heart - Imaginary

Radical Redemption - Watch Yourself

Feeling dank and ready to Friday?

Super long Overtime shift a head of me man. Going to be dying by the end of the day I swear. Doesn't mean rum won't happen whence I return to my homestead.

Wedding tomorrow evening, didn't want to go... but there's a really pretty lass going who I'm getting on with quite splendidly. So lets see how that goes?

Sunday, back in work. WISH FOR FIRE.

Wednesday next week is the big interview for senior data nerd role. Super anxious.

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