Friday Unjerk Thread

I'm being serious. I think Reddit is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. I live alone. I've been in lockdown since August. We're only getting out of this in early to mid November in Melbourne according to the Media. They were saying End of October, but they've started to say November.

I'm only allowed to leave my house for 1 hour of exercise and to go to the shops. I've spoken more to people on here than I have in person the past month. I have friends, but they can't come to my place and I can't go to theirs. And what is there to talk about? We've all been stuck in our houses because there's nothing to do.

And like the little things are really starting to bother me now like not even being able to go out and get a haircut or see a movie. I've thought about breaking the rules but I can't afford a $5000 fine as a university student.

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