Friend can't get a loan and live on university Campus or get a food plan because of bad co-signer credit

Actually we both can afford when we get actual jobs. Not everyone has the privilege of having money in their pocket to pay for school when prices get higher and higher. The problem with not being able to afford right now is we are young and don't have the job experience or jobs to help pay. You are basically saying if you can't afford a car, house, or anything else, you shouldn't use credit. It isn't a poor choice when our debt isn't going to be high when we graduate. There's a reason a lot of people get out of school and can pay off their debt. It's called a paying job. And we have started partially paying off loans we already have so the debt doesn't accumulate. So if you are just going to give your negative world views and assumptions, don't bother commenting as your opinion isn't helpful. I am seeking actual advice. We have made a choice that will help us in the long run rather than the short term and know what we are getting ourselves into.

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