Friendly Catholic wanting to hear the Atheist side

Atheism is not a monolith. Many atheists dont agree with my ideas, but I am still an atheist because that is what you would label me as based on your poor interpretation of the Bible.

I believe that we are the Universe experiencing itself from infinite perspectives. We cannot truly die. Our cycle has happened an infinite number of times.

The Universe created us through a process of gradual optimization, along with everything else. Even particles are subject to survival of the fittest.

I dont believe in your interpretation of the Bible because Catholitics and every other denomination interpretated the Bible poorly. If you reread the Bible with fresh eyes you will see how wrong you got it. For example, Jesus says repeatedly that he is just a man, and only a son of God because that was a common phrase to describe Jewish teachers at the time. It also says in Genesis that multiple Gods exist. Not that it matters. The Bible is a human work, like Harry Potter.

I am not "religious" simply because your leaders are not on my level. If I were religious I would start my own religion, and it would be better and more true than the crap the Churches sell. It really is that simple.

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