Friendly Friday Thread

Hey, I thought I'd ask a question about starting seedlings too early, and another about pairing crops.

I have some tomato plants that seem to be doing okay. Also a few pepper plants (bell and jalapeno, plus 1-2 habaneros that'll hopefully pop up soon). Last frost for me is typically mid-may. I started most of them mid-february. This'll be 12-16 weeks between sow date and transplanting. Think these will do okay? For the moment they're all in a south-facing window. The tomatoes look fairly healthy as far as I can tell. The peppers are younger but seem reasonably healthy. I'll probably at the very least move the roma to 12" pots at some point.

I also have 3 watermelon seedlings sprouting that I assume are a lost cause. Is there any chance I can save at least one of them? All three are in a single solo cup.

If nothing there pans out, I do have a bunch of brandywine and mortgage lifter seeds currently germinating, and additional seeds stored in sachets.

Second, the crop pairing question. Does it really matter how I arrange any of these relative to their relatives and other types of plants? I don't expect to save heirloom seeds this year.

  • tomatoes: super beefsteak, roma, mortgage lifter, brandywine. Possibly also early treat hybrid (50 days to harvest)

  • Peppers: bell (california wonder), habanero, jalapeno. I may grab a few more varieties. I'm open to suggestions, especially for earlier season spicy ones. Jalapenos are expected 75 days from planting, although that may assume harvesting them green.

  • watermelon: sugar baby, mini sweet, jubilee

  • other melons: honey rock cantaloupe

  • vegetables: peas (cascadia), radishes (cherry giant)

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