A friendly testimonial to my improvement in 1v1.

So I'd just like to hear yours, and anyone else's personal opinion.

I don't like being out. Malls are boring, most of my friends only want to drink on their free time, there's this one guy who I thought was cool but he turned out to be pretty much a stalker, not to me but to a person I know of. This leaves me with four people I really like hanging out with. One lives 100km away, second almost 300km away, third lives in a different country and the last one lies already in grave. She doesn't talk too much back to me so hanging with her isn't as much fun as it used to be. I don't go out much but I love playing video games with the three of them. Am I not outgoing? I don't feel lonely. I got my family, girlfriend and friends who love me. I do have diagnosed depression and I'm prone to "catastrophic thinking," but I am happy and working my way to better life. I love my life and I wouldn't even want to go out more than I do, I live with the person I love and see those three people when possible. Isn't this social life? I just honestly want opinions on this and different views. No right or wrong here!

Also catastrophic thinking in quotes because they are not my words but my psychologist's, but I do not disagree on them.

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