Friends GF Realizes She Made a BIG Mistake

Thank you. He is currently staying with my wife and I until the protection order is dismissed, but other than that and asking reddit for advice, I am doing my best not to get involved.

To the best of knowledge, Charlie is innocent. I wouldn't let him stay with my family if I believed he was capable of this. I have also sent both parties a link to this thread in the event that more crucial advice is given.

Is anyone in this community familiar with this type of domestic case or the charge against Charlie? What are the chances of the charges being reduced and/or dismissed in this situation? Other than her police statement, I don't believe the state has any evidence against him.

Also, outside of both parties contacting defense attorneys, is there anything they can do in the meantime to help make this go away? I think we would all prefer to go back to our normal lives.

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