i was friends with maggie nixon during high school

to me she was just this really sweet girl in the grade above me. her family is really wealthy and everyone knew it. she was fun to be around. her best friend passed away in a car accident, likely causing the depression people are mentioning. for dc kids- parents are often involved in politics so a photo with obama is not really out of the ordinary. it’s hard for me to believe that BO did something bad to her, but in open to considering different things. she had to leave halfway through senior year. she is a fairly private person- no one was totally sure where she went- i think it was a treatment program for depression. she graduated with her classmates and didn’t end up going to college im pretty sure. her social presence was pretty average compared to other high schoolers for a while- she posted pics from parties and martha’s vineyard photos in the summer on her instagram. had some funny tweets on twitter. and normal facebooking. those accounts seem to be gone. only snapchat remain. i’m not sure what happened there. she is definitely not dead and is not that same girl from the plane crash. they look nothing alike and maggie is fairly short and has a beautiful ginger-blond hair color.

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