The fringe factions of the MAGAWorld are imploding after Trump publicly advocated for the COVID-19 jab

I hate Trump. I also hate vaccine mandates. I hate that people think I'm not vaxxed because I support Trump.

Well that is a confusing set of beliefs, particularly the part where you hate Trump but still support him.

Better yet, hopefully everybody starts realizing the world isn't Red and Blue. These reptilian politicians dont care about you. None of them. Stop picking a side

I don't know or care about what a politicians motivations are, rather I care about their platform and actions. When I only agree with the GOP less than 5% of the time and the Democrats over 70% of time, of course I'm going to support the Dems. And yes I am going to criticize them as well, but given that my criticism are almost always the very points that both parties agree on, that isn't going to make Republicans any more palatable.

It's a good thing that Trump supports vaccines. And if I were to guess he does so mainly because it's something he can take some credit for, but as I said that point doesn't matter. Getting one small thing right among a forest of BS doesn't make both sides the same. I will continue to vote and support blue because if nothing else the other side is so bad it effectively strips me of a meaningful choice in the matter. And I will continue to support vaccinations and vaccine mandates because it simply makes sense to do so, so much so that it shouldn't even be up for political debate.

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