From the Bay to the Supreme Court: A Doctor’s Fight for DACA

  1. Immediately Register for temporary citizenship as a DACA Applicant
  2. Pass the citizenship test within 1 year of registration.
  3. Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America.
  4. Show proof of employment, unemployment, or enrollment in school within 1 year
  5. Pay taxes for the full previous year on April 15
  6. 1 year probation with immediate deportation for any violent felony, and immediate deportation after 2 felonies of any kind.

After 1 year of registration, file for citizenship. If applicant fulfills all 6 requirements, they are granted full U.S. Citizenship. If they fail to complete the requirements, they have a 3 month conditional visa, which will convert to full U.S. Citizenship upon completion.

Any DACA immigrant who fails to register or does not fulfill will be subject to immediate deportation while retaining the right to apply for a visa or legal citizenship.

I believe this proposal to be moral, fair, and reasonable to both the citizens of the US and to the DACA recipients.

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