From the bottom to the top...

He literally stuck his laptop out the window to get the neighbor’s wifi? Um. Okay. Sitting in my living room I get reception for like a dozen of my neighbors’ wifi networks.

Also, sorry but... “I flipped burgers through high school to afford the privilege of taking the SAT”..? The SAT costs 65 bucks, my dude. So that took what, like two four-hour shifts after school? Come on.

And one more: “I parented my siblings every night and then stayed up until 4am doing homework.” Okay but... no. You did not have seven hours of homework every night in high school. Ya just didn’t.

It’s awesome that this person worked hard and got into Harvard, but it’s kind of lame that either they or (more likely) somebody else decided to embellish all the details to get attention online.

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