From Jenny Yang's IG

I agree OP isn't condescending since he's simply eagerly explaining who Jennie Yang is, and was perfectly fine with those who didn't know her as well.

...But they're mainly defensive and seemingly prideful in response to being judged first. And you calling them "complacent" and "prideful" after that obviously just compounds the cycle.

Honestly everyone's reacting to what were themselves reactions to what I think was a guy who deservedly got his comments deleted.

Though I could still be sugar-coating this. Because if you really are berating not only the prideful but also anyone "ignorant" of Jennie in general, then please don't. If redditors know Jennie well enough then maybe they can post her material on this subreddit more, like OP helpfully did.

In the meantime we have our own work-life balance to manage. We don't all follow the same "social media movers." And I'm sure you likely don't read the exact same literature and research publications as I do, on any Asia-Pacific affairs that impact our communities here and abroad either, outside the blogosphere.

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