From what I can tell, I've met a guy that's about to be really wealthy and been offered a position with his company.

I am location-independent, and often meet people at cafés with unconventional careers. I have indeed met at least one millionaire, so it's not like they don't exist.

However, to be totally honest, this doesn't sound like something you should rush headlong into.

In my opinion, there are two possibilities:

1) He is scamming you, or

2) You are a pawn in a game that you do not understand. Perhaps he is purging, and need a certain someone to place into a certain position for a certain purpose. But it would be wise to remember that this isn't something done out of charity - perhaps the position is a sort of insurance, perhaps it is intended to draw the ire of certain powerful figures and act as a scapegoat, perhaps it is part of some underhanded maneuver to dethrone someone else without him getting directly involved. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that it sounds like a game that you do not understand, and I think it is very unwise to enter a battlefield without knowing what is going on.

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