The Frontier Controversy

Right, but this pedophilia, people are certainly taking things way too far. That kind of territory is where you literally get some random jit's in this world waking one to become their own enforces of the law, track these pedophiles down and lock them up.

However, I feel like if anyone says they support it because it's a post apocalyptic game an RPG one at that, people will say your defending pedophiles.

Yo its is nasty but in a game where laws and morality don't exist, where else would a subject like this fit in most video game player choice at all?

I will agree because it has pedophilic origins but its writer not project or everyone else on the mod team, because it's not everyone.

Its new ground for anyone treading especially while exploring what evil options to put into a game as well.

It's a mess, a complicated mess.

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