Frozen raw shrimp turns bright pink, with solid white flesh, after only 2 minutes in boiling water. Is that really enough time to fully kill all bacteria/pathogens?

Yes... but I fear the first part of your comment takes a tangent into an entirely different realm of the culinary arts, and leaves out a lot of information about the complexities of making raw meats safe to eat!

Yes, as you say: Sushi is certainly very safe to eat in most cases, because of all the effort made to make it safe to eat raw. I eat it all the time from reputable restaurants in my area.

But my comment has nothing to do with eating raw meats!

The eating of raw meats is a whole different topic, in which the raw items have undergone special handling and treatments, such as freezing to extremely low temperatures to kill worms, etc...


My comment relates to the safe cooking of regular consumer grade shrimp, in which the handling and sources are not usually all that well known.

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