Frustrated and sad as a white belt after a few bad rolls

Until you're ready to slap the shit out of a guy that personally injures you with bad intention and square up to fight him, switch gyms. You need a "safe space" environment, and that's okay. There are plenty of gyms for you. This is the type of gym where you are going to have to fight for respect and speak up/bitch guys out a lot to fit in. Reminds me of boot camp. The fact that a bigger, stronger, grown man did this to a 19 year old is pretty bad. These guys call each others bitches when they don't roll with you. Trust me, this is a spot where you are going to have to be really tough to survive. Find a gym that makes sense for you. No need to explain anything to anyone, these guys are likely not to change. It is in their character. This is jailhouse stuff, and you are a kid. Sorry this happened to you.

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