Frustrated? Try playing with the deck you hate.

Then you do try out control decks as I did and realize that they're bad without the perfect landbase.
My Jeskai Control deck wasn't ever able to put Niv in for example.
Even Crackling Drackes sucked.
My Dimir works just fine, just not when going 2nd vs any aggressive deck.
Izzet Drakes is just strong enough with a few dual color lands instead of all of them.
In Golgari I can do everything I want (since I went for it as my first deck) but since about a month (or so) I'm just doing better with a graveyard variant then with the tournament lists.
Are you wrong?, nope but playing with imperfect decks can be pretty sad. I don't think it helps your mood loosing because of worse versions of certain decks.

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