So frustrated with Phoenix

I consider myself "relatively" lucky for having complex, but not debilitating pay issues. I'm receiving my pay, even if it's at the wrong classification and step, along with some overpayments and deductions not being taken off.

One of my friends is in a completely messed up situation where HR at her first department messed up her paperwork and assigned the same PRI to both her AND another employee, which is having significant pay implications. She managed to get a new PRI shortly afterwards, but for two years since this went down, she was getting overpayments that werent appearing on her CWA and when asked why the pay centre wasn't clawing back, they said because the payments weren't under her name they must've not come from phoenix and should just keep the money. When she pressed them on this to dig deeper, it turns out that the money was entitled to the other person she originally shared a PRI with and found out that their pay information is under each other's names, which meant the other person almost left thousands of dollars on the table and the pay centre almost let it happen. What the fuck?

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