Fuck you - colonization wasn’t my fault

Yep, I love the self-proclaimed saints with the gift of hindsight who see themselves standing head and shoulders above people who were presented the worst possible situation imaginable. I really don’t think they understand the choices those people had to make.

Imagine being a normal father with a wife and kids, working as a teacher or at a factory somewhere. One night, 6 guards with guns break open your door unannounced, gather all of you in a room while they rampage your house, and threaten you with the choice to either join the SS and become a faithful servant to the country you love, or watch as your wife is raped in front of you, your children get beaten half to death, and then all of them taken from you forever. You lose everything you have, get taken to prison where you know all of you will suffer and die alone.

How many people honestly would choose the latter?

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