Fuck all that !! #staysafe y’all

You can take them out of the carts and just maybe mix that w some oil or butter or whatever. Distillate should already be decarbed and you can just put it into gel caps.

However I assume you’re throwing them out because they might have something in the carts that makes them unsafe- there isn’t an easy process, if any, to separate the distillate from the cuts. You can try to separate them using a sous vide machine (put the distillate in jars and seal them) at like 100 F then gradually turn it up to 140-160 F depending on how much you want the disty to darken up ( w edibles this shouldn’t matter). Every now and then, take the jar and pour it out into a new jar - the gradient in temperatures should separate the distillate from the cut (some of which is lighter (like when you put it in carts), and some of it is more viscous (like when you’re getting disti in bulk)).

Also this mainly involves the cuts and not all the potential pesticides that might have made its way into the distillate (because they usually just use the trim of the trim shit to do that and they use a bunch of material to extract out any amount of distillate so it’ll concentrate the pesticides).

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