Alright, so let's (as in: "let us") take a look here, and try to be constructive towards 'Miguel' so that he may transition from: "Urgblrgd'er" to "Good day fellow Chaps!" We can't learn anything if no one tries to teach us. (Aside from me, myself, and I.)

Let's Begin. (Let us begin.) Shall we? "Yesterday I made a exam in my school where if get enough points O get free from that hell but supposedly that exam would have 70 questions, we get 54 and now they want to prevent me to get out because they are fucking lazy?

Fuck them"

Yesterday I had/took* an* exam. [...] in my school where if get enough [...] or "Yesterday at my school we had an exam." "where if get enough" Reads like: "all your base are belong to us" "if get enough points" (feels like a coding statement as in setting up a function with if else {}) if (gender reveal == enough points){ return "pro choice" } else { EngNot1stLang (USA failed State//SchoolFailure) } return 1776; =lulz }

PRINT "Failed, Try Again";

Honestly you lost me half way through, please hang-up and try again.

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